The mission of our nonpublic schools are to prepare each student to be a functioning, contributing member of society by providing programs that foster academic, social, physical and psychological achievement.

Reyn Franca School , Reyn Franca Annex, and Creative Alternatives School (Fresno County) are nonpublic schools designed to meet the special and unique needs of every student. Our programs provide a high level of structure, consistency, and an intensely therapeutic environment to properly address internal and external behavioral patterns. Our staff is experienced in serving students of the following medical and mental health dynamics: Emotional Disturbances (ED), specific learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS), Autism, Intellectual Challenges, speech and language deficits, anxiety disorders, nonverbal learning disabilities, auditory processing disorders, and other health impairments.

Program Goals

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Our Schools

Reyn Franca School and Annex

4041 Main Street, Denair, CA 95316
(209) 668-8594 • Fax (209) 668-7443

Reyn Franca Annex Address:

1601 North Berkeley Ave., Turlock CA 95382
(209) 667-2214

Reyn Franca School (serving Stanislaus County) hosts approximately 72 children in grades K – 12 who due to various maladaptive behaviors, cannot attend public school. The program is designed to enable students to become contributing members of society while obtaining a quality education and the necessary skill sets for re-entry into a public school setting.

Each classroom accommodates up to 12 students who are instructed by a credentialed special education teacher and two teaching assistants. Lessons are derived from California State Standards and then individually modified to help students prepare for transition to public school. In addition to obtaining a solid academic background, students have access to psychological counseling for mental illness or emotional needs as well as speech and language therapy, behavioral support, music, art and other specialized support through RFS or by referral.

Creative Alternatives School

4460 E. Yale Ave., Fresno, CA 93703
(559) 385-7404 • Fax (559) 385-7406

Creative Alternatives Services serves students in grades K – 12 who due to various maladaptive behaviors, cannot attend public school. CAS also accommodates up to 12 students per classroom and is instructed by a credentialed special education teacher. 

Creative Alternatives School teachers focus on academic content and behavior support as it relates to the student’s IEP. The special education needs of the students at CAS are met by using specific teaching strategies that have been proven to be effective in changing student outcomes in a positive manner.

CAS currently serves students who reside in Fresno County.